Our Search Capabilities

The litigation research specialists.

Here at Court search our unique Investigative capabilities provide our clients with the ultimate in Open-Source Intelligence Research and with the most  available comprehensive Legal Research solutions.

At Court Search International our services fall into two categories:

Litigation matters that are known to have been heard in a Court

  1. Where there has been a litigation matter and our clients wish to identify the same and provide in detail the background to the case matter and any available filings.
  2. If you are aware that there has been a criminal case regarding either an individual or company however are unsure as to where the matter was heard or dealt with, we can undertake national research to firstly identify the relevant Court and thereafter confirm the outcome of any trial matters.

Litigation research regarding possible cases that have been heard in a Court

  1. This is where a client wishes us to undertake Litigation Case history research in order to discover whether or not for example a prospective employee has ever been involved in any Litigation whether it be Civil or Criminal. This research can be paramount to decision making for example prior to engaging in a Business contract or when contemplating the hiring of new employees.
  2. Our Criminal research includes full DBS checks for those wishing to employ an individual or whether the person themselves require a DBS search to be undertaken on their behalf. It is not always necessary to have the individuals consent and in such cases all our research is undertaken in line with current data protection legislation of the county of interest.

The requirements for our services are endless and here at Court Search we have a vast data network which allows us to identify all relevant court houses and legal information sources across the globe. We are fully aware that at times not all case notes and rulings are readily available in certain jurisdictions and that is where our OSINT research can play a vital role. 

What makes us different?

Our services far expand and exceed from simply undertaking research with relevant Court houses. In addition, and to complement our Court house inquiries we provide a bespoke service that includes Open Source Intelligence Research utilising specialist source databases that have been carefully compiled over many years and which are updated on a regular basis. Where required this can include full background intelligence on both individuals and companies regardless of the geographical jurisdiction.

However unique or complexed your requirements may be, Court Search International have the right tools to obtain the optimum results.



We can tailor a service to your individual requirement. For more information or to discuss further please call, email, or send us a message: