Our Search Capabilities

The litigation research specialists.

We are proud in our Investigative capabilities, we provide our clients with the ultimate in Open-Source Intelligence Research that not only compliments our database capabilities but most of all, provides our clients with total peace of mind that we have researched all available data sources to provide the most comprehensive Legal Research solutions.

At Court Search International our services fall into two categories:

  1. Where there has been a litigation matter and our clients wish to identify the same and provide in detail the background to the case matter and any available filings.

  2. Where a client wishes to undertake Litigation Case history research in order to discover whether or not for example a prospective employee has ever been involved in any Litigation be it Civil or Criminal and which is paramount to their decision making. Or another example is to assist a client who is in the process of engaging in a Business contract and needs to have peace of mind that who they are to be dealing with has not prior litigation history which may seriously hinder any business dealings.  

The requirements for our services are endless and here at Court Search we have a vast data network which allows us to identify all relevant court houses and legal information sources across the globe. We are fully aware that not all case notes and rulings re readily available in certain jurisdictions and that is where our OSINT research can play a vital role.  

Our services and capabilities span across the globe and we have the facility to fully research your requirements regardless of the geographical jurisdiction.



We can tailor a service to your individual requirement. For more information or to discuss further please call, email, or send us a message: