Transgender Inmates Impregnate Two Women in New Jersey Prison

The suspicion that some prison inmates identify as women in order to get into a women’s prison where they can receive better living conditions and access to women has, once again, proven true.   As reported by Andrea Blanco of the Daily Mail, an investigation has been launched after two women inmates in New Jersey’s only all-women’s prison became pregnant after having sex with transgender inmates.  Last year, the prison started housing former male inmates who now identify as woman and to date 27 transgenders are residing in the 800 inmate facility.  This policy was adopted to settle an ACLU lawsuit against New Jersey claiming that preventing transgender criminals from serving their sentences in a women’s prison constituted discrimination.  ACLU Legal Director Jeanne LoCicero told reporters, “It’s in line with New Jersey’s strong anti-discrimination laws that prevent discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity.”   A Department of Corrections spokesperson said that the pregnant inmates engaged in sex with the transgender inmates voluntarily.   Last year a lawsuit was filed by two woman inmates seeking a ruling to revoke the policy citing sexual activity between female and transgender inmates.  More to come….no pun intended.

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