Soros-Funded DAs Presiding Over a Bloodbath

In 2003, progressive hedge fund billionaire George Soros emerged as a major player in national politics when he gave $23 million in a failed attempt to defeat George W. Bush.  In the years that followed he continued to pour millions into liberal causes and national campaigns and in 2020 was the largest single contributor to liberal candidates and causes in the entire country, giving a reported $50 million to PACs funding campaigns ranging from Joe Biden for President to progressive candidates for local district attorney races.  Since 2015, Soros’ New York based Open Society Foundations (there are three) have funneled millions through a network of non-profit “527″ groups spread across the country, to encourage the adoption of laws reducing sentences for habitual criminals and to elect district attorneys who refuse to seek the death penalty for murderers, refuse to prosecute drug dealers, thieves and wife beaters, and seek the shortest sentences possible for violent offenders.

His funding of campaigns to replace tough-on-crime district attorneys escalated in 2016.  In Florida, a Soros-controlled PAC called Florida For Safety and Justice bought over $600,000 in television ads for Aramais Ayala’s campaign to unseat incumbent State Attorney Jeff Ashton. This was a huge injection of money for a District Attorney race. Ashton, who had raised just over $112,000, was defeated by a margin of 56.9% to 43.1%.  Soros’ Safety and Justice PACs also made 2016 contributions to district attorney races in Chicago, St. Louis, Houston and Albuquerque, as well as smaller cities in Louisiana and Mississippi, winning victories in all but one contest.  In 2017, after the scandalized District Attorney of Philadelphia resigned, Soros contributed just under $1.5 million to elect former defense attorney Larry Krasner.  Krasner had represented Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter, and had also sued the police department over 75 times. During his first week on the job, Krasner fired 31 deputies from the office including 1/3 of the prosecutors in the homicide unit.

Last year Soros gave $2.25 million to replace black moderate Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey with white progressive George Gascon and gave $2 million to keep progressive Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in office.

All of the progressive candidates ran on the same narrative;  longer sentences for repeat felons is racist, the police are racists, and less policing and shorter sentences will help rehabilitate offenders and make communities safer.   Every part of the narrative is a lie,  and the proof is playing out every day on the streets of their cities.

In Larry Krasner’s Philadelphia over 2,240 people were shot last year, the most ever recorded and 499 died, a 40% increase from 2019.  Officials claimed that the pandemic was a major factor but that doesn’t explain why homicides have increased by 14% so far this year.  What’s racist is who’s getting shot.  80% of the shooting victims are black.

Ann Coulter’s column yesterday focuses on Chicago’s State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who, thanks to Soros money, is into her second term.  While national data reports that homicides were up an astounding 29.4% last year, in Chicago murders were up 55%.  “To put this in perspective, last year, there were nearly as many murders in Chicago (population 2.7 million) as in New York City and Los Angeles combined (total population of more than 12 million.)  Coulter goes on to list several shootings caught on camera this year with multiple suspects in police custody that Foxx chose not to prosecute.   The number of shootings in Chicago have increased this year and instead of aggressively prosecuting the shooters, the city is installing hundreds of kits in city buildings to treat bleeding gunshot victims under a new program officials say could help save lives in an emergency.

Homicides in San Francisco are up 12.8% and shootings have doubled so far this year under District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s woke non-prosecution policy.   The Soros backed progressive has also presided over a whopping 750% increase in vehicle burglaries as of last July.  Fox News reports that yesterday, a man was shot while trying to stop of group of thieves breaking into cars in broad daylight along the city’s famed Embarcadero.   Both the theft victims and the shooting victim were told to report the crimes online. Boudin does not prosecute thieves or drug dealers and probably not the thief who shot this good samaritan, who is lucky to be alive.

In Los Angeles County, where homicides were the highest in a decade last year, under District Attorney George Gascon, who took office last November, the homicide rate is on track to double in 2021.  The day after his election Gascon announced a list of directives which require his deputies to reduce the charges for every offender, release most arrestees on zero bail, and petition the courts to reduce the sentences of criminals convicted before he took office.  While Gascon has been sued by his deputies for forcing them to ignore state law and challenged by a county judge who refused to reduce charges for a felon facing trial for multiple crimes, he has become the darling of the liberal media.  In a speech earlier this year he told reporters  “Our efforts to reform a dated approach that creates more crime, more victims, more inequities are just beginning.”  One of his themes is ending “the practice of trying children as adults.  Our office will continue to prioritize support, rehabilitation, for LA youth,” he said. “Since taking office, we have withdrawn 77 pending motions for the transfer of kids to adult court.”  Well, ten months into his effort to eliminate the “dated” approach to holding criminals accountable, Los Angeles County is awash with criminals stealing cars, assaulting strangers on busy streets, beaches and parks in broad daylight and rampaging through department stores stealing everything in sight with impunity.  Shootings in LA are up by 59% this year.   Among the latest victims was a plainclothes LAPD detective shot while driving to work early this morning.  A 14-year-old boy has been arrested for the shooting.  According to the LA times, the detective is expected to survive.

I have yet to find out where Soros financed prosecutors, depolicing and sentencing reforms are actually reducing crime.






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