SF DA Recall Poll

EMC Research has this poll on the San Francisco District Attorney recall election, which is scheduled concurrently with California’s June primary. It’s “yes” over “no” by 2 to 1. Eric Ting has this post at SFGATE, the San Francisco Chronicle’s online site.

The strategy of painting the recall as a partisan Republican effort, which was so stunningly successful in Gov. Newsom’s anti-recall campaign, appears to be a non-starter this time. The pollsters read the respondents various “for” and “against” arguments and asked if they found them compelling.

[O]nly 31% of voters … find it compelling that “his recall is a Republican-funded effort to attack progressive justice in San Francisco. The recall’s top funders have also given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump, Mitch McConnell, and other Republican causes.”

With apologies to New York, New York, if this argument can’t make it there (in SF) it can’t make it anywhere, any more.

Support for the recall among registered Democrats is 64%. The percentage among Republicans is not reported. In a sample of 800 San Franciscans, the subsample of Republicans is likely too small to yield a statistically significant result. The party used to be able to caucus in a phone booth, when there were phone booths.

The poll’s reported overall margin of error is plus or minus 4.4%. By “margin of error” they usually mean the 95% confidence interval.

After the discouraging re-election results in Chicago and Philadelphia, this is an encouraging sign that people are finally waking up to the reality of what “progressive prosecutors” are actually all about, even in what is possibly the most progressive major city in the country.

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