Sacramento Shooting Was Gang Related

The April 3 mass shooting in downtown Sacramento, which left six dead and at twelve wounded, was between two street gangs according to local police.  NBC News reports that the two suspects tied to the shooting were both habitual felons, one of which was granted early release from state prison in February.   In custody are Dandrae Martin, released from an Arizona prison in 2020 for aggravated assault, and his brother Smiley Martin, released to probation after serving three years and four months of a ten year sentence for two counts of felony assault.  Last May Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s office appealed to the state Parole Board urging them not to release Smiley, whom, based upon his record, presented a “significant, unreasonable risk of safety to the community.”   The Board denied release at that time, then nine months later, the Department of Corrections  announced that he had accumulated enough “good time” credits to be released after serving less than half of his sentence.  Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg told reporters that he had “serious questions” about why the brothers “were out on the streets.”  Here’s the answer Mayor…you supported the sentencing reforms (AB109, Proposition 47 and Proposition 57, that gutted laws increasing confinement and punishing parole violations of habitual criminals.  You can pass all the gun-control measures you want, but Dandrae and Smiley, and others like them are going acquire weapons and hurt people so long as state law leaves them on the streets.

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