Revered LA Philanthropist Murdered by Career Criminal

The progressive dismantling of California’s criminal justice system has been going on for over ten years.  The ballot measures and legislation reducing or eliminating consequences for crimes have enjoyed the support of rich democrats living in and outside of the state.  While one of the primary contributors has been New York billionaire George Soros, dozens of rich California liberals living the in the San Francisco bay area and in the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles County have also contributed millions to elect the legislators and the Governor who passed AB109 (so called Public Safety Realignment)  and ballot measures including Proposition 47 (the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act) and Proposition 57 (the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act).   None of these measures had anything to do with public safety, but with enough campaign contributions the democrats were able to convince an unaware public that they would make them more safe.  When the data started showing that criminals benefiting from these policies were robbing, injuring and killing innocent Californians, the politicians and their allies in the press called it “fear mongering” and dismissed the statistics showing rising crime by noting that most of the state was far safer than it was 30 years ago, during the last statewide crime wave.

The bottom line was that while poor minority residents in urban neighborhoods and middle class residents in cities and suburbs were the ones getting attacked, the wealthy liberals living places like Pacific Heights, Pebble Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Beverly Hills were safe in their mansions protected by private security.   But that safety is beginning to evaporate.  In July, ultraliberal retired Senator Barbara Boxer was robbed in broad daylight in Oakland’s Jack London Square.  Recently the LAPD reported that the homes of celebrities are being targeted by burglars and last Wednesday (12/1/21) Fox News reported that the 81-year-old liberal philanthropist wife of the “Godfather of Black Music” Clarence Avant was killed in her Beverly Hills home.  The suspect,  Aariel Maynor was released from prison on September 1, after serving three years of a four-year sentence for a 2018 robbery and grand theft.  In 2013 Maynor was sentenced to five years for robbery and causing great bodily injury.   He is precisely the type of offender that progressive sentencing reforms were enacted to protect, a black man victimized by a systemically racist criminal justice system.  Right after his election last year progressive Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon initiated a policy to prevent any criminal offender from serving a sentence of more than 15 years behind bars.  I wonder if that includes Mr. Maynor.

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