Political Violence

The WSJ has this report on the break-in of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi. It appears at this time that the attack was politically motivated.  “The intruder shouted, ‘Where is Nancy?’ before attacking her husband, one of the officials said.”

The story concludes with this curious fact:

The shooter was a 66-year-old home inspector who had volunteered for the Democratic presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who condemned the shooting.

Why a Sanders supporter would be so angry with Ms. Pelosi as to engage in violence is puzzling, as they are not far apart politically.

Regardless of motive, though, this is a major crime of violence, and society should punish the perpetrator with appropriate severity. It calls for a long prison sentence, and the perpetrator should actually serve most of that sentence. A California statute limits violent felons to a maximum of 15% good time credit off the sentence. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation claims that Proposition 57 gives it the power to override statutes by its own regulations, and it has greatly expanded the credits available to violent felons. CJLF is challenging those regulations in court.

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