New U.S. Supreme Court Rules

The U.S. Supreme Court has amended its rules, effective the first of the year. Among the changes, people filing “friend of the court” briefs no longer have to ask consent of the parties. The clerk’s comments on the changes note, “While the consent requirement may have served a useful gatekeeping function in the past, it no longer does so, and compliance with the rule imposes unnecessary burdens upon litigants and the Court.” Amen.

Amended Rule 29.7 expressly notes that e-filing a document does not constitute electronic transmission to the other parties. You have to do that yourself.

Rule 34.2 says thou shalt not use “passim” in the Table of Authorities. List every page where an authority is cited, although consecutive pages may be grouped (e.g., 7-10).

The new rules are here. A summary of the changes with comments is here.

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