Mississippi Murderer to be Executed

A Mississippi man who murdered his estranged wife in 2009, after several years of sexually abusing her daughter, is scheduled to be executed Wednesday (11/17).  Emily Wagster Pettus of the Associated Press reports that David Neal Cox was jailed in 2009 after his stepdaughter reported that he had been sexually assaulting her for years.  Even though Cox had been convicted of rape, sexual battery, child abuse and a drug charge, he was released from jail in April of 2010.  A month later Cox stormed into the house where his estranged wife, Kim Cox, was living and shot her in the arm and abdomen.  While she lay on the floor bleeding to death, Cox sexually assaulted her daughter in front of her.  After an eight-hour standoff, Cox surrendered to police.  He pled guilty to the murder in 2012.

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