Millionaire Serial Rapist Likely to Be Release in 4 Years Due to “Reforms”

The soft on crime crowd likes to call their agenda “criminal justice reform.” The term “reform” is usually associated with efforts to make things better, but so-called criminal justice reform in California appears to be aimed at creating as many miscarriages of justice as possible.

Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor make up fortune, committed multiple rapes by drugging his victims. In 2003, he was convicted of 86 offenses and sentenced to 124 years in prison, according to this story by Travis Schlepp for KTLA. With a sentence that long, one would think that the victims could rest assured he would never get out and put him out of their minds to the extent possible, right?

In 2003, Luster’s sentence was vacated on the ground that the original judge did not state the reasons for giving him the maximum on each count, as obvious as they may be, and the new judge resentenced him to 50 years. But that is still pretty much life without parole for a defendant who was 40 at the time of the trial, right? The victims could still rest assured he would not get out until he was dead or at least very old, couldn’t they? Enter Proposition 57.

With the very deep pockets of George Soros, the backers of Proposition 57 assured the voters that its new parole provision would only be for “non-violent offenders.” Surely that excludes rapists. Doesn’t it?

From the KTLA report: “During his trial, prosecutors alleged that he used date rape drugs and sexually assaulted three women. * * * With the passage of Prop 57 by California voters in 2016, several of the crimes of which Luster was convicted have since been reclassified as ‘non-violent’ crimes, the DA’s Office said.”

Proposition 20 of 2020 would have gone a long way toward fixing the definition of violent crime. But the opponents had a funding advantage of nearly six to one,  according to this CalMatters report. They snowed the people once again, and that is why this monster is eligible for parole.

And who bankrolled the opposition? According to Ballotpedia the three largest donors were the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (i.e., Facebook money), Patty Quillin (Netflix money), and the Open Society Policy Center. The latter is a funding instrument of, you guessed it, George Soros.

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