Milestone Met in SF Recall of Chesa Boudin

Pigs were seen flying over San Francisco last weekend as the campaign to recall uber-progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin turned in 83,487 signatures to county officials last Friday.  Evan Symon of the California Globe reports that 51,325 signatures are required to put the recall on the ballot, which leaders of the Safer SF Without Boudin say is now nearly a certainty.  “It says a lot about the anger and the fear that San Franciscans have about what’s going on in the community,” said the Co-chairwoman of the group.  Boudin’s tenure as District Attorney has been marked by skyrocketing crime, including shootings, while his office has chosen not to prosecute thousands of offenders arrested for theft, drugs, assault and burglary.

Defenders of Boudin claim that the recall defies the will of the voters who elected him in 2019.  In a puzzling statement to reporters state Senator Mark Leno said, “this is recall madness and we have to stop it or this just the new way of life and truth doesn’t stand in the way, respect for the voters.” Leno a San Francisco democrat has a consistent record of authoring and supporting pro-criminal legislation.

Even in San Francisco, perhaps the most woke city in America, there may actually be a limit to the public’s tolerance and compassion for criminals.  On a related note, Walgreens is closing five more of its bay area drugstores due to out-of-control theft.  This is on top of the company closing seventeen stores in San Francisco over the past three years for the same reason.   As reported by the Globe’s Ken Kurson,  “Mayor London Breed challenged that narrative. She attributed the closings to demographic shifts which the San Francisco Chronicle dutifully reported that “the five stores slated to close had fewer than two recorded shoplifting incidents a month on average since 2018” (while acknowledging that few stores bother to report a crime that now routinely goes unpunished). Everyone who has stood in line at a drugstore and watched thieves shove hundreds of dollars of items down their pants knew that Breed was mistaken at best or lying at worst.”

It appears that the only way a person in the city can get a prescription filled these days is from a drug dealer.

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