George Gascon’s Los Angeles: Welcome to the Third World

Progressive prosecutors are making a name for themselves.  In the dreamworld of legal academia, it’s all wonderful.  In the actual world normal people inhabit, it’s something different.  In Kim Foxx’s Chicago, it’s murder galore, especially of black people (whom she falsely claims to want to protect).  Much the same in Larry Krasner’s Philadelphia.  In Marilyn Mosby’s Baltimore, the bloodshed is now compounded by an almost comical (by contrast) federal indictment for rampant dishonesty.  In George Gascon’s Los Angeles, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s the story, less in anger than in sadness, from Bloomberg:

Union Pacific is considering changes to rail operations including avoiding Los Angeles County as a rise of cargo theft in the area hurts business.

It’s not exactly clear how the Omaha, Nebraska-based company would carry out such a threat and use alternatives to the nation’s largest gateway for imported goods. But what’s obvious is the railroad’s frustration with the lack of deterrents for committing crimes like trespassing and theft along the current route….

UP is calling on local law-enforcement officials to prosecute more aggressively.

Good luck with that, guys.

“Customers like UPS and FedEx that utilize our essential rail service during peak holiday season are now seeking to divert rail business away to other areas in the hope of avoiding the organized and opportunistic criminal theft that has impacted their own business and customers,” UP public affairs director Adrian Guerrero wrote in a Dec. 20 letter to the Los Angeles district attorney….

In the three months leading up to the holiday shopping season, UP said an average of more than 90 containers were compromised per day and more than 100 arrests were made. “Of all those arrests, however, UP has not been contacted for any court proceedings,” the letter stated.

Golly, how could that happen?

The railroad has increased the number of agents, drones, fencing and trespass detection systems. “We need the L.A. District Attorney’s help to ensure there are consequences for those who prevent us from safely moving customer goods,” UP said in the statement.

Ladies and gentlemen, having your city tuned into a dump and making no response to open, rampant theft (“non-violent,” dontcha know) is a choice.  Los Angeles can make a different choice.  If it doesn’t, it can’t say at this point that it didn’t know the consequences.

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