Gascón Recall Committee Wins Injunction

The effort to recall LA DA George Gascón won an injunction against county election officials today, granting them access to records to support their claim that the registrar wrongly disqualified petition signatures. Scott Schwebke has this report in the Orange County Register.

The recall committee has said it has found “obvious and legitimate challenges” for at least 39% of invalidated signatures it has reviewed. Purported problems with the tally include:

Signatures that were invalidated as “printed” even when the voter’s signature on file was itself printed.
Signatures rejected as “nonmatching” despite showing substantial similarities to the signature on file.
The invalidation of signatures as “not registered” when, in fact, the person was a registered voter who could easily be identified in the voter database.
Signatures that were invalidated as duplicates without election officials counting at least one of the alleged duplicates, as required by law.

By the registrar’s count, the petition drive was 46,807 signatures short. If 24% or more of the disqualified signatures were in fact valid, the number of valid signatures would be sufficient.

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