Gascon: People Behind His Recall Are “Fear Mongering”

With just over a month to go for gathering signatures to qualify his recall for the ballot, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is claiming that the effort is being driven by fear mongering “conservative, very right wing forces.”  Ronn Blitzer of Fox News reports that Gascon’s remarks were made in a recent podcast on “How We Win,”  a pro-democrat site.   “They have sort of created this false narrative about this is anti-safety, with is kind of the same fear-mongering tactics frankly that you can go back to the Nixon era, right, you now Willie Horton.” said Gascon.   The only thing wrong with this is that none of it is true.

The fear-mongering right wingers Gascon is referring to are the families of crime victims, the Democrat Sheriff of Los Angeles County and the liberal Democrat members of 24 city councils in Los Angeles County including Beverly Hills, Downey, West Covina, and Manhattan Beach.  In recent months wealthy Southern California liberals have opened up their pocketbooks to the recall Gascón campaign. This list includes Orion Pictures co-founder Mike Medevoy, supermarket magnet and Clinton advisor Ron Burkle, real estate billionaires Marc Nathanson and Jordan Kaplan, Malibu developer Richard Weintraub, George Clooney’s producing partner Grant Heslov, 20th Century Fox producer Johathan Sheinberg, and Lauren King, widow of King World Productions (Oprah Winfrey, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy.) Other celebrities who have joined the recall include boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, news host Carley Steele and actress Rosanna Arquette.

The fear mongering Gascon refers to must include a recent Los Angeles County Sheriff’s report that homicides increased by 94% and auto thefts by 59% over the past two years.  News footage of the daily “smash and grab” robberies across LA and the recent Beverly Hills home invasion and murder of liberal philanthropist Jaqueline Avant and the brutal killing of UCLA student Brianna Kupfer in exclusive Hancock Park, both by habitual felons, was a reality check for LA area liberals, but apparently not Gascon.

Finally, Gascon ignorantly attributes a political ad featuring rapist Willie Horton to the “Nixon era,” as an example of fear mongering.   He was only 20-years-off.  The Willie Horton ad was produced in 1988 by a pro George H.W. Bush group criticizing his Democrat opponent for President, former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, for his state’s weekend pass program for convicted felons.  That program released Horton to commit rape, assault and robbery.  Because Horton was black, Democrats labeled the ad as racist.

But while Gascon is selling his false narrative on podcasts,  the recall campaign announced this morning that it has collected 500,000 signatures, the most ever collected in Los Angeles County for any petition. In addition, the recall campaign recently mailed out 3.6 million petitions with pre-paid return envelopes to registered voters.   With one month to go, the odds look good that the recall will have enough signatures to qualify.



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