“Defund the Police” Crumples in Minneapolis

The initiative to replace the Minneapolis Police Department was rejected by the voters of that city today. MPR reports the 11 pm CT tally, with nearly all precincts reporting, as showing a 13% margin of defeat. By analogy to the old “New York, New York” song, if “defund” can’t make it there, it can’t make it anywhere.

Also in Minneapolis. the Ward 4 city council race was noted in yesterday’s post. It appears that “woke” anti-police incumbent Phillipe Cunningham has been ousted by LaTrisha Vetaw, who called for more police, not fewer. I hedge with “appears” because Minneapolis has the confusing ranked-choice voting system, but as of this writing it looks like Ms. Vetaw has won outright on the first-choice ballot with 60%.

Virginia and New Jersey governor races have not been “called” as of this writing. We know from experience that races can flip when dubious ballots are counted late.

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