Court Rejects CA Ban on Private Prisons

In an 8-3 decision released Monday, the Ninth Circuit has overturned a California law banning for-profit prisons from the state.  Evan Simon of the California Globe reports that the law (AB32) , adopted in 2019, was authored by then-Assemblyman Rob Bonta to help support California’s sanctuary state policies.   The purpose of the law was to prevent private companies, working for the federal government, from maintaining detention facilities in California to hold illegal aliens who have committed crimes for deportation.   Shortly after AB32 passed one of the private companies, the GEO group, sued arguing that it preempted federal law.  An earlier three judge panel had also held the law invalid.  As Attorney General, Bonta appealed seeking en-banc review.  “An appellate court had to tell them twice now to knock it off,” said a lawyer for the GEO group.  The lawyer noted that, with the current makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, an appeal by Bonta would be likely to fail.

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