CA Gives Thousands of Sex Offenders Early Release

An investigative report by Josh Boswell of the Daily Mail discovered that thousands of sex offenders are being release from California prisons and jails after serving only a fraction of their sentences.  Using the search function in the state’s Meagan’s Law database, which tracks sex offenders in the state, Boswell found that over the past several years over 7,000 offenders convicted of molesting children under 14-years-old spent less than a year behind bars.  This does not include 365 pedophiles convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child, who were also released after less than a year.  The article lists multiple offenders who spend just a few days in jail after conviction.  On example is Gualterio Lopez Contreras, who was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts on a child, for continuous sexual abuse including sodomy by force.  He was sentenced to three years in prison, and walked free after less than a year.

As of 2019, the Megan’s Law website listed just under 55,000 convicted sex offenders in California, of which nearly 42,000 found guilty of offenses against children.  When the Daily Mail tried to get more recent data for offenders released after 2019, the California Department of Justice added digital blocks on its website to prevent new data from being gathered.  When the reporter contacted the DOJ, which administers the website,  about the early release data, the search function was removed from the Meagan’s Law website.

Responding to questions about these releases both the offices of Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta blamed district attorneys and judges for them:  “there seems to be a lack of understanding of the role of the state versus the role of local prosecutors and judges.  Like in many other states, in California, the authority to charge, prosecute, and sentence people who have committed sex offenses is left to district attorneys then judges at the local county level,” the Governor’s spokesperson said. “It is critical for local district attorneys to use their power to prosecute offenders and hold them to account to the fullest extent of the law.”

A longtime prosecutor of sex offenders who now represents victims told the Mail;  “In my days [in the LA DA’s office], we made every effort to get as long of a prison sentence as we could, because we knew that the minute they’re going to come out, they’re more likely to reoffend and another child’s gonna get harmed. With Newsom, they’ve passed a lot of legislation where they are allowing for resentencing, they’re allowing for people to come back and there’s a push to have less time spent in prison.  That has been the push for the last at least five years: letting people out of prison much earlier than what their sentences were for.  But these types of individuals, they’re not amenable to rehabilitation, and studies have shown that. They’re gonna harm another child.”

In fact, district attorneys and judges hands are tied by state laws and ballot measures supported and financed by Governor Jerry Brown and liberal pro-criminal groups like the ACLU and progressive billionaires like George Soros.

IN 2011 Brown signed AB 109 into law after it cleared the democrat-controlled legislature on a party line vote with no hearings.  That 425-page bill forced an unprecedented transformation of the state’s criminal justice system which practically eminiated state parole and transferred responsibility for the vast majority of convicted felons from state prisons to county jails.  Within two years the state’s prison population dropped by 20,000 inmates and county jails filled beyond capacity.  Due to overcrowding, Sheriffs were forced to release criminals, who used to go to state prison, from county jails after serving a few weeks of their sentences.  Criminals committing misdemeanors, mostly theft, drug and domestic violence related crimes, who used to serve time in jail, were simply released after arrest.  When more and more these so-called low-level offenders started committing more serious crimes carrying longer sentences, the ACLU and Soros put Proposition 47,  “The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act,” on the ballot.  That 2014 initiative turned most of those more serious crimes, including larger thefts and drug dealing, into misdemeanors.   There was, of course, no room in county jails for these offenders.  Finally, in 2016, Brown and Soros pooled $10 million to fool the public into voting for Proposition 57, “The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act,” which has allowed now-Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration to begin the process giving early release to 76,000 serious and violent prison inmates, including  sex offenders, after serving as little as half their sentences.

Several things about the Daily Mail expose’ are disturbing.

First: none of California’s major newspapers bothered to investigate what constitutes a major threat to public safety being implemented by the Governor, state legislature and Attorney General.  It took a British newspaper to disclose what was happening right under the noses of the Los Angeles Times, The Sacramento Bee, The Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Second:  both the Governor’s Office and the Attorney General are blatantly lying about the reason that thousands of sex offenders are being set free years early.  It is their policies, not district attorneys, that are causing the release of dangerous criminals.

Third:  to prevent any further investigation, the Attorney General has blocked public access to the Meagan’s Law database it is required by state law to maintain for the public.

If there is anyone out there willing defend any of this we would certainly welcome hearing from them.



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