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We are fully aware of the importance of identifying litigation matters for numerous reasons including that which forms part of an investigation such as a full due diligence background enquiry to assist in the identification of Asset related matters, including clients who wish to engage in a business contract with either an individual and/or a company. There are many types of inquiries where identifying litigation matters can be key to a successful outcome..

Court Search International are established Litigation Research Specialists maintaining active databases compiled over thirty years. We provide cost effective solutions regardless of complexity.


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Court Research International can research and identify Case matters from all Courts including High Courts, Supreme Courts and Criminal Courts worldwide. Our criminal record research is conducted within the confines of the new GDPR legislation and all information can be presented in a Court of Law. 

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Crime & Consequences Crime and criminal law

  • Copycat Gascón Recall Undermines Legitimate Campaign
    by Michael Rushford

    In an apparent effort to divert money away from the legitimate campaign to recall pro-criminal LA District Attorney George Gascón, a copycat recall effort called Recall Gascón Now (RGN) has been launched.  The group does not have a recall petition and, based upon its website, apparently intends to copy the legitimate petition and circulate it as their own.  The Metropolitan News Enterprise reports that former LA District Attorney Steve Cooley, co-Chairman of the Recall DA George Gascón Committee said those behind RGN are “rogue, gadfly activists,” and that their false campaign was an attempt to “sabotage, undermine and confuse the recall.”   Last December Cooley’s Committee announced that it had raised $2.5 million and hired professional management to begin the recall effort this year. An email from the Committee sent out in mid-January stated: “There has been some confusion regarding the existence of another committee called Recall Gascon Now, which is led by Karen Roseberry and Marc Ang.  Recall Gascon Now has nothing to do with the official Recall DA George Gascon Committee. We’ve learned that Recall Gascon Now has downloaded our Recall DA George Gascon Committee’s financial reports to directly solicit our donors and attempt to trick them into donating to the Recall Gascon Now committee. This is both unethical and deceitful.” A campaign spokesman for the Committee said that those involved with RGN have indicated that they would consider ending their copycat recall effort if the Committee would give them paid positions and/or control of resources.  Karen Roseberry told Jill McLaughlin of the Epoch Times earlier this month that she formed the smaller Recall Gascón Now effort after the official recall organization declined to offer her a full-time, paid position as a political consultant.  “There is more than enough money to go around. There shouldn’t be this need of monopolistic control,” she said. Isn’t this extortion?  Is it possible that this woman actually works for Gascón? The post Copycat Gascón Recall Undermines Legitimate Campaign appeared first on Crime & Consequences.

  • Police Abolition Significantly Decreases Public Safety: Study
    by Elizabeth Berger

    A 2022 study published in the journal of Criminology and Public Policy showed that police abolition significantly increased crime during the 2020 Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) in Seattle. Following the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, tensions between the public and the police increased greatly and protests erupted in cities throughout the United States. Seattle was no exception, with protestors gathering nightly at the Seattle Police Department (SPD)’s East precinct. The protests often turned confrontational and dangerous as people set fires and caused property damage, while officers took to deploying riot control weapons to control the scene. On June 8, 2020, in an attempt to calm the situation, the SPD suddenly abandoned the East precinct, and officers were instructed to no longer patrol nor respond to calls for service in the area unless there was a mass casualty event. Closing the precinct led to formation of the CHOP occupation in the six-block area. The CHOP occupation received support from the municipal government, with the utilities department providing portable toilets for the area, and the Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan comparing CHOP to a “block party atmosphere” that could lead to a “summer of love.” Police presence was absent from the protest zone for 24 days, until July 1, 2020. At this time, Mayor Durkan ordered SPD to re-occupy the zone after four shootings (two fatalities) occurred over a ten-day period. Methods The CHOP served as a natural quasi-experiment to test the effect of police abolition (i.e., the “autonomous zone”) on crime. The researchers examined changes in crime in three separate areas (the CHOP zone, the CHOP zone plus the surrounding two blocks, and the entirety of the SPD East precinct) and compared them to changes in crime in other areas of Seattle. Authors were able to generate equivalent treatment and control groups by matching street segments from each study area to equivalent street segments from other areas of Seattle. This approach ensured that groups were similar to each other in terms of pre-existing crime patterns, number and type of business establishments, concentrated disadvantage, demographics, and other factors. The data for the study were obtained from the City of Seattle Open Data portal, and crime data spanned from June 2019 through July 2020. This allowed researchers to examine crime occurrence during the 24-day CHOP occupation relative to the 12 months prior, which accounted for seasonal crime trends. The researchers also included information on businesses in each street segment, categorizing them as four types: retail, restaurants, food/drug stores, and services. This allowed the researchers to measure increased level of foot traffic related to consumer activity and general ambient population generated by employees of corporate institutions. Sociodemographic data for Seattle were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, which was used to create demographic indices for each area. Lastly, map files of Seattle were downloaded as a way to look at spatial crime effects. There were a total of 23,806 street segments that were included in the study.  The entirety of the East... The post Police Abolition Significantly Decreases Public Safety: Study appeared first on Crime & Consequences.



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