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With over thirty years of experience in providing clients with specialist investigative services, the founders of Court Search have now created the ultimate solution for international court litigation research, providing global coverage in identifying both current and historic court matters regarding both individuals and corporate entities

Our specialist legal research combines cutting edge technology, a global reach and most importantly a wealth of experience in the understanding and provision of specialist legal research.

Our clients include legal practices, corporate entities including globally recognised blue chip corporations and the private sector. 

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Court search international offer substantive international litigation research expertise and are specialialists in:

Business & Commercial Litigation

Family Case Law
Patent Litigation
Civil Litigation
Media Litigation
Public Interest Litigation
Construction litigation

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Court Search are Legal Research Specialists offering clients worldwide with timely, cost effective research and resources that ensures an accelerated process and turnaround on required legal support. The end result is in an efficient proactive course of action for your legal practice and clients

We are fully aware of the importance of identifying litigation matters for numerous reasons including that which forms part of an investigation such as a full due diligence background enquiry to assist in the identification of Asset related matters, including clients who wish to engage in a business contract with either an individual and/or a company. There are many types of inquiries where identifying litigation matters can be key to a successful outcome..

Court Search International are established Litigation Research Specialists maintaining active databases compiled over twenty-five years. We provide cost effective solutions regardless of complexity.


Our Reach

Court Research International can research and identify Case matters from all Courts including High Courts, Supreme Courts and Criminal Courts worldwide. Our criminal record research is conducted within the confines of the new GDPR legislation and all information can be presented in a Court of Law. 

For further information on how to get the best out of our services please feel free to visit our what we do page and how we do it.

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Crime & Consequences Crime and criminal law

  • Spam With a Smile
    by Kent Scheidegger

    Spam is mostly a pain in the gluteas maximus, but every once in a while it furnishes some amusement. I got this gem in my inbox this morning. I’m emailing you today because I noticed James H wrote a bad review for your company, U.S. Department Of Justice on Google. I don’t think it’s a fair review and I want to help you remove it and others from Google, Avvo, Yelp, and other review sites. We built our company, Dandy, with the sole purpose of helping law firms remove unfair bad reviews … I was not aware that I had been appointed the Attorney General of the United States. I thought it was still Merrick Garland. Well, that’s just Dandy. The post Spam With a Smile appeared first on Crime & Consequences.

  • The Disparate Impact of Crime
    by Kent Scheidegger

    Jason Riley has this column in the WSJ pointing out a problem that does not get enough attention. When crime rates go up, the added crimes hurt people of modest means much more than they hurt the affluent. That is a substantial part of why soft-on-crime policies get the greatest support on the ends of the socio-economic spectrum — the criminals themselves and the affluent who are little affected by them — while those more affected by crime tend to support stronger measures. Riley notes the closings of stores as the result of the de facto legalization of shoplifting and city riots. These trends don’t affect all groups and all communities in the same way. Target has closed stores in predominantly black sections of Chicago, Milwaukee and Flint, Mich. in recent years in the wake of not only increased store thefts but also rioting, looting and violent antipolice protests. If you are middle class and the nearest big-box store closes, you simply drive to a different one or its equivalent. But if you are a poor single mom without a car, your options are limited. You’ve just lost access, perhaps, to the closest, cheapest and widest variety of fresh produce, medicines and other goods. The alternatives are more-expensive convenience stores and less-healthy processed food for your family. The post The Disparate Impact of Crime appeared first on Crime & Consequences.



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